Pengaruh Kesadaran Merek terhadap Ekuitas Merek Transmart Cilandak


The study aims to determine how much influence the brand awareness of brand equity in Transmart Cilandak. The study sample numbered 99 respondent from population numbered 12.706 people which is the number of one week study begins from 01 July 2019 until 07 July 2019. The sampling technique used was simple random sampling. This study uses quantitative associative approach, and the method was description with correlation technique. After the nomal distriution of data and linear based test for normality and linearity test, followed by analysis of variance (ANOVA). Based on the calculation results obtained by linear regression of Y = 35,83 + 0,60X and ANOVA calculation results obtained Fhitung>Ftabel (-1,22>1,60). Hypothesis testing is done by calculating the product moment correlation and obtained thitung>ttabel (7,092>1,661), which means that Ho is rejected. Therefore, the results of this study conclued that there is a relationship between brad awareness with the brand equity. Then the researchers tested how much influence the brand equity and the results obtained are 34,10% means that the influence exerted by a enough strong mix of brand awareness and the remaining 65,90% influenced by otehr factors such as brand loyalty, brand association, perceived quality and brand assets.

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