Manajemen Logistik Di Giant Ekstra


This study aims to determine a process flow of logistics management at Giant Extras. The study used a qualitative
descriptive approach. The research sample using snowball sampling where the sampling technique to dig up as
much information as possible related to the research. Informants in this study were selected according to the criteria
informant credible and relevant. This research was conducted with participant observation, interviews,
documentation and triangulation. The results showed that the flow of logistics management at Giant Extras include
planning activities for the product output, organizing activities related to the division of labor among the sections,
monitoring activities akam quality products and ordinances pendisplayan. Procurement of goods, which are
divided into type A, type B and type C. Registration activities in accordance with invoice and PO and recording
of inventory taking per 6 months. Penggudangan activities which will storage products. Activity then either ecer
distribution of goods or trader. And elimination of activities for goods that are not fit for consumption, by way
diretur or destroyed.

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