Penerapan Green Office di Kantor Pelayanan Perbendaharaan Negara Jakarta III


This study aims to determine the Application of Green Office at the State Treasury Service Office Jakarta III. This research uses a qualitative method with a descriptive approach. For the data source, a purposive sampling was chosen with the number of informants or resource persons as many as 3 (three) people consisting of the Head of General Subdivision, General Subdivision, General Subdivision. Data collection techniques were carried out at KPPN Jakarta III using observation techniques, interviews, and documentation studies, then cross-checked with source and technique triangulation. Then the data is analyzed by the analysis of Miles and Huberman’s method. From the results of the study, the researchers concluded that the implementation of KPPN Jakarta III green office includes the implementation of green office features of energy saving, water saving, sustainability of green office development. Green Office is about how to make a healthy, green and environmentally friendly office. If the office has realized an environmentally friendly office in work productivity can be created and the achievement of key target areas (1) energy saving features in lighting, (2) air quality in the office, (3) electricity saving features, (4) water saving, ( 5) Physical design of office buildings, (6) features of office material selection, (7) paper-saving features, (8) office waste management, (9) green work space. The results showed that the application of employees regarding the concept of green office was good enough, but there were still employees who did not understand the concept of green office.

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